Bigger corporations are posing a big challenge for the small businesses. They have understood the art of digital strategy much before many. Those who could not catch up are struggling.

Small businesses have yet not been able to fully understand what is happening. This year during Thanksgiving, foot traffic to retail locations was much lower. As a result, retailers were not able to secure as much sales as e-tailers did.

Wall Street Journal reported that e-tailers were the winners. It is because e-tailers are fully exploiting the technology and selling products day and night. They don’t need to be open for certain hours. They were offering sale much before the doorbuster. In the cold November weather, several shoppers stayed in home and shopped. As a consequence, retailers lost these customers.

Businesses have to follow the trend that consumers are following

Interestingly, almost half of the shopping was done on the phone. It shows how fast consumers are adopting to rapidly changing technology that makes their shopping easier.

If you have yet not adopted a digital strategy, you are most likely not reaching your customers. There are thousands of potential customers who want your products or services. However, the issue is that they are not able to find you. Therefore, you will need to adopt the modern technologies for the consumers to find you.

You could reach out to customers or customers could reach out to you – You have to keep the door open

Traditionally, you have advertised your business using various channels such as newspapers, radio or TV. This enabled you to inform potential customers about your business. Now you can let the customer discover you based on what they are interested in. For example, if you sell “Turkey Sandwich”, customers interested in turkey sandwich should be able to find you. More and more population is using a laptop or a cell phone. They use these devices to find your businesses and transact.  As such, it is mandatory for the businesses to have an online presence and use all digital strategies to maintain the same technology advantages that the bigger companies have.

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