There are several free tools that you can utilize to enhance your online presence.  You should try which ones work for your business.

Social networking websites

Nearly one third of the world population is on social networks now. Therefore, it is not surprising that companies want to make the most of social media sites to connect with their consumers. The very first rule of making the most of social media would be to be have a presence in the channels that you think where customers would be. Try your best to post what your potential customers might be looking for, as it is a great way of establishing your online presence.

Remember this is all about your client, when using social networks to reach out and connect with your customers. Businesses that fail at social media are those that primarily use these tools for only for promotional content. Instead, engage with your followers that are on-line with information that they’ll find interesting and that they would like to share with their own social groups. Promotional content may be thrown in once in a while, but it should not be your main focus.

Don’t underestimate the power of content

Some of the very underrated aspects of digital marketing is content. Yet this is what will determine whether you are able to get interest from your crowd. If your content is not well written with your customers view in mind, then your target demographic will not find it interesting. If your content is boring, then your message will be overlooked. Before determining what content you are going to put online, check whether it efficiently fits with your brand image. It’s sometimes worth to invest in writers who understand digital marketing essentials, as they’re going to come up with the right messaging for your brand.

Don’t discount your internal pages

You must try your best to keep your visitors engaged once they click on your website.  Have a proper Call to Action. The most effective way of doing this is including tools into your internal pages that can tempt your visitors to react to your website.

Email Marketing Tools

There are some free email marketing tools that you should use to email your customers. MailChimp, Constant Contact are some of the examples. You would save a lot of time if you could email all your customers with a single email.