The Internet has transformed the way a business operates. With a vast number of potential customers turning to the web as a primary resource of research and advice prior to making any purchase, it is now imperative for businesses to utilize digital marketing as an integrated component of their organization’s marketing plan. Internet marketing includes three significant parts, which if properly used, provides a tangible return on investments.

1) Website: Without a website, you pretty much don’t exist for a customer these days. Most often, a business without a website is not even consider legitimate. Your website reaches globally. It is a brochure that is accessible by everyone. Careful attention must be paid for this. A consumer does not have any understanding of the strength of the firm or the size of the organization. The design of the website is vital. A website has to carry all the information that is important regarding the brand in an interesting and presentable fashion. The design should be unique, captivating and contemporary. It ought to be Search Engine Optimization-friendly to enable search engines to easily record the web site on search engine results. Also, the site needs to be responsive.i.e. compatible with mobiles, tablets and other devices.

2) Search engine optimization (SEO): Getting a site that is professionally designed by a reputable website design agency is the first step towards creating an effective internet presence. Then you have to make sure your website ‘searchable’ on the search engines. This means that your website should show up in search results when a potential customer or anyone else is searching for your business, products or services. In order to get the desired results, you should retain the services of a SEO professional. The SEO Company would then build quality backlinks to your website through link building services including social bookmarking services, directory entry services and article submission services among many other SEO strategies. This would enhance your website’s visibility, drive traffic and create sales. A higher ranking on the search engine results would create more visitors to your website. Nonetheless, an organization should adopt only white hat Search Engine Optimization techniques. Remember, SEO is a continuous work and it often requires many months to see the results.

3) Social Media Marketing (SMM): Today, social media is seamlessly incorporated into people’s lives. This is a huge stage where a brand can join with millions of customers simultaneously. Using social media can help you connect with your customers, create brand awareness and earn their loyalty. Yet, a social media strategy that is good isn’t restricted to setting up accounts and posting upgrades. It includes connecting with your potential customers, encourage engagement and interacting with your current customers. A customer with a positive experience on social media is likely to recommend your company to their friends. Consequently, social media allows brands to establish a private connection with consumers which goes a long way to developing a favorable brand image and instilling credibility. Also, social media also helps get your company listed on search engine results whilst driving traffic to your site.