San Francisco Bay Area digital strategy agency Apprit Technology Group has entered in a strategic partnership with political strategy consulting firm David Dhillon Strategies.

San Francisco Bay Area digital strategy agency Apprit Technology Group has entered in a strategic partnership with David Dhillon Strategies.  The political strategy consulting firm is based in El Centro, California. “We are pleased to partner with Apprit Technology Group”, said David Dhillon, the founder and managing director of the firm whose experience in government began at the early age of twenty three when he was elected councilman for the City of El Centro. He served on the council for sixteen years and later became the Mayor of the city. Mr. Dhillon’s firm specializes in polling, governmental affairs, political campaigns, lobbying, and public relations. By partnering with Apprit, Mr. Dhillon’s political strategy firm would be able to offer digital services for the firm’s clients such as digital strategy for political campaigns, brand positioning, targeted messaging, online communications, email marketing and social media strategy.

Apprit Technology Group is a leading website development and digital marketing agency in San Francisco Bay Area. Apprit helps businesses to create a digital strategy which enables them to effectively compete online. Apprit was started by few computer science students to address the digital challenges faced by small businesses who were shutting their doors because of their inability to compete on a growing digital landscape. Since the times have changed significantly the way business was conducted just few decades ago, Apprit helps businesses to create a digital strategy which enables the businesses to effectively compete online. Apprit’s core philosophy is to help small business owners. Through the partnership, Apprit would be able to expand its services to political candidates running for office. Apprit professionals have background in engineering and business which helps them to build products and provide services that benefits their clients.

South Asia Summit with a specific focus on Nepal Investment and Business Opportunities to be held in Silicon Valley, California, USA

Uma Ventures, Johan Hekelaar, Frost & Sullivan, California Center for International Trade Development, Crispreport, Apprit Technology Group among others are jointly organizing an investment summit in Silicon Valley, USA.  Senior officials from Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Maldives including Ministers, Secretaries of Industry, Trade and Investment Board, Governors of the Central Banks will attend the event. Executives of several mid to late stage companies from Nepal, India, other foreign companies doing business in Nepal and executives of businesses led by South Asian entrepreneurs in the United States will exhibit their companies. Potential participants also include United States Congressional Representatives, Trade and Commerce officials.

Ravi Sodhi, the conference chair, said that the event will provide an opportunity for United States based companies to learn more about Nepal investment and business opportunities, the regulatory environment, investment process, taxation and repatriation of profits. In addition, United States and Nepal business executives will be able to network and find partners.

Several private equity, venture capital, asset management and international companies are expected to attend the conference. Guests would include representatives of global private equity firms and international business leaders who do or plan to do business in Nepal and South Asia. The event will be a great venue to connect with other experienced business leaders who have been operating business in Nepal and have extensive knowledge of Nepal market, opportunities and the challenges. Venture leaders in the Bay Area will present their views on Nepal business.

A discussion on Nepal’s major opportunities and potential for economic development is expected. In general, global companies and investment communities are unaware about investing or doing business in Nepal. Nepal is a democratic country strategically located between India and China. Nepal shares an open border with India. There are many treaties that Nepal and India have jointly signed to facilitate cross-border business. It is cheaper to produce in Nepal compared to India or China. A company can produce in Nepal and sell to both the Indian and Chinese markets. While Nepal’s number two export market is United States, it does not rank even in top ten for imports. At the conference, US companies can meet with Nepal regulatory agencies and key decision makers to learn about Nepal export and investment opportunities.

There are many investment firms investing in the emerging markets but it’s extremely rare that a Fund has considered Nepal. Although Nepal is located between world’s two largest economies, Nepal has been overlooked. It’s difficult to find the very basic necessities of life in Nepal at a reasonable price as there are only handful importers. The market is supplier driven. Consumers are willing to spend but the services and products are rarely available.

In January and February, Uma Ventures had similar conferences in India and Nepal which were highly successful. “We have noticed an increasing interest in Nepal lately from foreign companies”, said Pankaj Shrivastava.  Details of the summit can be found at


San Francisco digital marketing and website development agency Apprit Technology Group has been selected by New York based boutique healthcare investment bank 11T Partners to develop a website for 11T’s research coverage.

Apprit Technology Group, the leading digital marketing strategy and website development agency in San Francisco Bay Area, announced that it has been selected by 11T Partners, a New York based boutique healthcare investment bank, to develop a website for 11T’s research coverage.

As part of the project, Apprit Technology Group will develop a website for 11T Partners where the researchers at the firm would be able to publish research reports on healthcare industry M&A and financing deal trends. 11T Partners has been increasingly active in the consumer healthcare space. In 2016, 11T has successfully completed the sale of Ducere Pharma to Dr. Reddy’s and the sale of Viactiv to Adare Pharmaceuticals and anticipate a number of additional OTC deal completions in 2017.

Focused on Healthcare Industry, 11T Partners LLC provides mergers & acquisitions advisory services, equity and debt placement services, and strategic advice to middle-market public and private healthcare companies. Over the years, 11T Partners has advised a range of public and private companies across healthcare segments that include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare services and information technology, both in the United States and worldwide.

Apprit Technology Group is leading San Francisco Bay Area based website development and digital marketing agency. Apprit helps businesses to create a digital strategy which enables them to effectively compete online. Apprit Technology Group was started by few computer science students to address the digital challenges faced by small businesses who were shutting their doors because of their inability to compete on a growing digital landscape. Since the times have changed significantly the way business was conducted just few decades ago, Apprit helps businesses to create a digital strategy which enables the businesses to effectively compete online. Apprit’s core philosophy is to help small business owners. Apprit professionals have background in engineering and business which helps them to build products and provide services that benefits their clients.


There are several free tools that you can utilize to enhance your online presence.  You should try which ones work for your business.

Social networking websites

Nearly one third of the world population is on social networks now. Therefore, it is not surprising that companies want to make the most of social media sites to connect with their consumers. The very first rule of making the most of social media would be to be have a presence in the channels that you think where customers would be. Try your best to post what your potential customers might be looking for, as it is a great way of establishing your online presence.

Remember this is all about your client, when using social networks to reach out and connect with your customers. Businesses that fail at social media are those that primarily use these tools for only for promotional content. Instead, engage with your followers that are on-line with information that they’ll find interesting and that they would like to share with their own social groups. Promotional content may be thrown in once in a while, but it should not be your main focus.

Don’t underestimate the power of content

Some of the very underrated aspects of digital marketing is content. Yet this is what will determine whether you are able to get interest from your crowd. If your content is not well written with your customers view in mind, then your target demographic will not find it interesting. If your content is boring, then your message will be overlooked. Before determining what content you are going to put online, check whether it efficiently fits with your brand image. It’s sometimes worth to invest in writers who understand digital marketing essentials, as they’re going to come up with the right messaging for your brand.

Don’t discount your internal pages

You must try your best to keep your visitors engaged once they click on your website.  Have a proper Call to Action. The most effective way of doing this is including tools into your internal pages that can tempt your visitors to react to your website.

Email Marketing Tools

There are some free email marketing tools that you should use to email your customers. MailChimp, Constant Contact are some of the examples. You would save a lot of time if you could email all your customers with a single email.

Bigger corporations are posing a big challenge for the small businesses. They have understood the art of digital strategy much before many. Those who could not catch up are struggling.

Small businesses have yet not been able to fully understand what is happening. This year during Thanksgiving, foot traffic to retail locations was much lower. As a result, retailers were not able to secure as much sales as e-tailers did.

Wall Street Journal reported that e-tailers were the winners. It is because e-tailers are fully exploiting the technology and selling products day and night. They don’t need to be open for certain hours. They were offering sale much before the doorbuster. In the cold November weather, several shoppers stayed in home and shopped. As a consequence, retailers lost these customers.

Businesses have to follow the trend that consumers are following

Interestingly, almost half of the shopping was done on the phone. It shows how fast consumers are adopting to rapidly changing technology that makes their shopping easier.

If you have yet not adopted a digital strategy, you are most likely not reaching your customers. There are thousands of potential customers who want your products or services. However, the issue is that they are not able to find you. Therefore, you will need to adopt the modern technologies for the consumers to find you.

You could reach out to customers or customers could reach out to you – You have to keep the door open

Traditionally, you have advertised your business using various channels such as newspapers, radio or TV. This enabled you to inform potential customers about your business. Now you can let the customer discover you based on what they are interested in. For example, if you sell “Turkey Sandwich”, customers interested in turkey sandwich should be able to find you. More and more population is using a laptop or a cell phone. They use these devices to find your businesses and transact.  As such, it is mandatory for the businesses to have an online presence and use all digital strategies to maintain the same technology advantages that the bigger companies have.

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The Internet has transformed the way a business operates. With a vast number of potential customers turning to the web as a primary resource of research and advice prior to making any purchase, it is now imperative for businesses to utilize digital marketing as an integrated component of their organization’s marketing plan. Internet marketing includes three significant parts, which if properly used, provides a tangible return on investments.

1) Website: Without a website, you pretty much don’t exist for a customer these days. Most often, a business without a website is not even consider legitimate. Your website reaches globally. It is a brochure that is accessible by everyone. Careful attention must be paid for this. A consumer does not have any understanding of the strength of the firm or the size of the organization. The design of the website is vital. A website has to carry all the information that is important regarding the brand in an interesting and presentable fashion. The design should be unique, captivating and contemporary. It ought to be Search Engine Optimization-friendly to enable search engines to easily record the web site on search engine results. Also, the site needs to be responsive.i.e. compatible with mobiles, tablets and other devices.

2) Search engine optimization (SEO): Getting a site that is professionally designed by a reputable website design agency is the first step towards creating an effective internet presence. Then you have to make sure your website ‘searchable’ on the search engines. This means that your website should show up in search results when a potential customer or anyone else is searching for your business, products or services. In order to get the desired results, you should retain the services of a SEO professional. The SEO Company would then build quality backlinks to your website through link building services including social bookmarking services, directory entry services and article submission services among many other SEO strategies. This would enhance your website’s visibility, drive traffic and create sales. A higher ranking on the search engine results would create more visitors to your website. Nonetheless, an organization should adopt only white hat Search Engine Optimization techniques. Remember, SEO is a continuous work and it often requires many months to see the results.

3) Social Media Marketing (SMM): Today, social media is seamlessly incorporated into people’s lives. This is a huge stage where a brand can join with millions of customers simultaneously. Using social media can help you connect with your customers, create brand awareness and earn their loyalty. Yet, a social media strategy that is good isn’t restricted to setting up accounts and posting upgrades. It includes connecting with your potential customers, encourage engagement and interacting with your current customers. A customer with a positive experience on social media is likely to recommend your company to their friends. Consequently, social media allows brands to establish a private connection with consumers which goes a long way to developing a favorable brand image and instilling credibility. Also, social media also helps get your company listed on search engine results whilst driving traffic to your site.

Professional website development should be included in every successful marketing strategy. This is especially true today when almost all companies, even the ones who operate brick and mortar, want to have an online presence.

The initial step to a successful online effort would be to get a reputable firm to develop a website for your organization, unless of course you are a web developer. A company specializing website development will deliver a customized website designed specifically for your business that represents your brand worldwide. Having a website is the ultimate way of establishing your brand online and also to help your potential customers find you. It would cost you to get a website developed but the results usually outweigh the expenses. Some of the costs are website development services, hosting, digital marketing and domain name.

The websites you see most often have undergone a very long process of development. A website designer starts the process by assessing the needs of your organization and come up with a design that fits your brand. It is extremely important before conceptualizing the website design to get it more receptive to the demands of the company that your brand is fully understood by the web designer. Since your website is the easiest way through which your customers can contact you, it’s important to make your website user friendly. Some companies go to expensive website designers believing that a website with all the whistles and bells will keep the traffic coming. Unfortunately, they do not understand that while users are readily impressed by smashing designs that has appealing graphic, they leave the website if they find it difficult to use.

Websites become successful when the designer manages to develop a balance between design, the website’s structure and content that’s useful for the end user. Be sure your website is looks good in ,major internet browsers, mobile phone and tablets.